Creepy kid strikes again!

I knew creepy kid would never show his face in the Wi Fi room, but what I totally forgot was that he could approach me in the halls or outside.

I like to accompany Heather to adventures outside because if I don't I'd be really (Mike never showed up and being around Joe is starting to stress me out). Were standing outside talking with another girl when creepy kids comes outside. He comes up to us and he turns to me and says "You know, I thought about you all weekend.". I didn't know what say or do after that so I did the best thing I could do. I ran back into the building, the other girl we were with was like "lawls JENN WAIT UP I'LL COME WITH YOU!" In the elevator she told me she was glad I left because she was trying to think of a way to get away from him too. She is creeped out by him too because on his first visit to the Wi Fi Room he was touching on this guys neck and telling him how he wanted to kill him for no reason.

Later I returned outside to meet up with Heather (it was really hot in the building for some reason and cool outside) and he showed up again. He tried telling me that he didn't mean what he said, but it was obvious he was lying. I told Heather later he was probably thinking about me while touching himself..*shiver*


I started drawing a chibi lolita wearing Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly! I am not sure which colorway to go with. I am thinking the red colorway or the lavender colorway.I would take a picture to go along with this entry, but my camera isn't capturing it right and the battery is almost dead (I really need to get a new USB cord for my smaller camera.) I'm really excited about the chibi <3 Everything is really cute about it sadly I probably won't finish it til sometime in Novemeber. I have a lot I need to do this week so I really don't have time to focus on it like I want to. I wish I had more energy to get things done faster.

Before Friday I need to:

-Finish my cosplay for Friday. ome friends and I are wearing costumes to school on Friday before Halloween. It's probably my only chance to dress up and do something. I'm cosplaying as Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight (gives me an excuse to finish my cosplay)

-Finish the cosplay commission. I was suppose to be done today, but I am mega lazy..I didn't start til Monday and then there was so many distractions.. ugh.

-Let Joe see a preview of his commission so he can shut the fucks up!
!! Yui


I feel horrible. This has to be the worst time of the month I've ever had. I slept great until around 2am because I was in so much pain . _ . This week is going to suck.
!! Yui

Stuff that's going on

I don't feel like writing a long post, but heres what's happening in short!:

-I tore something in my leg. I can walk, but lifting my leg is painful (like walking up stairs or putting on pants) and getting in the truck is painful. I took medicine for pain and iced it last night and when I woke up it was still in pain. Hopefully it gets better soon.

-I made another animation!:

I'm planning another one soon! These ae so addictive to make.

-I'm in love with this anime "Eden of the East". Parts of it takes place in DC! it's accurate too! it makes me sad, but happy at the same time! (cept in D.C. you can't just go around asking people to borrow their pants..) Even the Americans speak English! some parts of it are really random and silly too. I don't normally laugh at animes, but this one really makes me lol... I really want to cosplay Saki with Elijah as Takizawa he kind of looks like Elijah too!

It's obvious they are a couple in the series so it kind of makes me feel lonely that my bf is 5 hours away from me. Ugh, I can't wait til this long distance stuff is over TT 3 TT. I miss hiiiiiim! </3>-KATSUCON! Okay so I actually registered for a table for Artist Alley for Katsucon! Even though I don't have a lot of products for Polkadot Cute I have tons of time to get them and other materials I need for the booth. The e-mail didn't say we were offically in yet, but they didn't reach their max yet on tables, so if everyone who has submitted an application fits the rules then it seems were all getting tables. I am so nervous and yet really excited!. I also need to start stalking Animazement's site. There artist tables are RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP! like $20 for a full table! odhfszidhfasdhbvasdfh PURE MADNESS!, but I really want a balcony table, because it's right infront of the main events hall so when people are in line they can see us and be like "lawls cute stuff!". Those cost $60. STILL PURE MADNESS!!!!!!!

-Cosplays...I got my Celty helmet!. I thought my mom would be like "wtf Jenn..", but she was more amused by it then I was. I don't know why, but lately I've been to scared to tell her I've been spending money. I guess shes fine with it. She works full time now so shes rarely here to do stuff with me so I guess shes fine with me buying stuff to keep myself from totally losing it.Also because she knows the money I've been spending is from stuff I've been selling. I deserve to treat myself every once in a while, right?. We did end up going shopping today! It was fun > w <.

-I'm selling my Baby skirt to finish paying off Milky Berry. I figure I can buy it again next year C: but Milky Berry might be harder to get later. I'm really looking forward to Milky Berry!
Sebastian ilu


Last night was a very happy moment for me. Back in like Febuary Elijah and I celebrated our second Valentine's Day. Not a big deal, but he always gets me a traditional card (compared to my homemade ones). A few months after that when my room was being invaded by maggots I lost the card. I thought I had lost it in my brother's room (since I had to move everything I owed there) and I also thought that maybe Lucky hate torn it (he does that). I had basically given up looking until last night. I didn't feel like laying on my bed so I was laying on my floor to talk to Elijah on the phone. I decided to explore under my bed a little and I noticed a piece of paper with what appeared to be the Halmarks logo! It was the card!! I was really happy! to be honest the card doesn't say anything super amazing, but it was important to me that I find it!. Now it's sitting with the first card on my dresser....I'm such a girl..

I'll post something more entertaining soon. I really hate this camera I'm using..

Cold rainy monday!


I don't feel well.. I think I have a stomach bug. The smell of food makes me sick on the stomach and the fact that it's freezing AND raining isn't making it any better. Actually it feels awesome outside it's just for some reason my house is really cold... :/

My the helmet I'll be using to make my Celty helmet should be here tomorrow. For the longest time I couldn't understand why the tracking number indicated that it was in Charlotte NC (like two hours away) since Saturday, but it just updated today saying it JUST arrived in Charlotte. I guess the rest of the time it was still on it's way to NC. I'm a little worried about it coming tomorrow since Mom will most likey be here when it arrives TT A TT. I mean I rather her know that just discover it and she does already know I've been looking for a helmet, but still....I hate that moment of silence after I've bought something and she wants to know what it is.
Cosplay Wig JUST shipped the wig I paid for two week ago today. I guess they had to hurry and ship all the orders from when they were away and they finally got to mine * w *. I can't wait! It'll motivate me to finish Haruko!

Also I've been having some trippy dreams lately...Maybe it's because I'm sick? I remember one was I had already finished my cosplay and was at the convention. Idk what con it was, but the hotel was simply amazing!. The other involed shootings and doughnants..
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This only happens to me..

Sunday I was ironing fabirc in my parent's room when I noticed something on the wall. This ginormous centipede!!. I sure as hell am not going to fight it so I told mom to kill it. She decided to watch TV instead then ask me where it was when it was already long gone. I decided to not let it bother me and continue to go about life hoping next time I wouldn't be the one to discover it again. Well I did...this the bathroom. I woke up having to go really bad so I beelined for the bathroom. You know how you kind of zone out that early in the morning? I started to when I noticed something moving towards me. It was the centipede... I freaked out. Thank god mom was up because she thought I was crazy when I first mentioned it. I can continue to live in peace TT A TT.

School today .__. I don't feel like going, but I can't complain since I didn't have class Tuesday.
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>:/ Mother.

Mom's been going out lately with a mysterious "woman" friend of hers. I don't really care because its been awhile since shes had a friend to go out with and I'm really happy for her. What I'm not happy about is that it's almost 7:00. She told me she was getting off at 5:00 she never said "hey I get off at 5, but I'm going to meet my friend until such and such at such and such place". She called her twice and STILL never bought up she was staying out late or anything. So where did she go?

I keep telling her its great to go out, but there are some messed up people out there now a days. I know shes the adult, but its a little more comforting for me to know where she is going so incase something does happen I know where to tell people to look first. It's just irresponsible. I mean I am all alone in this house if she doesn't come home really I have NO ONE to call or go to. I have neighbors, but really I'm too scared to rely on them if something happens since I really don't know them. I'm sure she'll pop in here after my rant.

Fucked up part is shes going out AGAIN tomorrow.
She better be taking me to Joanns first.

I like how she calls the second I put up tags > o >


So yeah Kuroshitsuji ended today, and I have to say I am really emo about it. At first I was like "BAD ASS!", but Sebby isn't happy o v o so neither shall I be.../emo.

K-on ended too (almost!) I admit I cried when they were singing to Asuna...

I like how all the series I was watching ended in the same week. What to do now.....
!! Yui

Paypal Scam!?

A few days ago I got an e-mail from Paypal stating I need to update my paypal account information. If I had my bank card I probably would have since there was a deadline attached to it. Well I never did until I remembered it today and fled to my computer to update the information. Then I noticed something fishy, I checked the URL address and it was NOT! I'm so blessed I didn't put my information down and click submit. So just a heads up to anyone who might also get the e-mail. It's a scam to steal information!

Highlights of my life

I haven't posted in forever..

Nothing super exciting has happened, but heres a small recap of important information:

-The AC is fixed FOREVER. After a month of sleeping in the dinning room we have finally have AC. Honestly we could have slept in our own rooms, but my ceiling fan is broken until one of my uncles can repair it for free. I had a series of various fans, but before I had my surgery having cool air directly on my face hurt a lot. And lastly I have breathing problems and I felt like I was being suffocated. Downstairs just felt better.
The man that fixed the AC was really nice considering I was home alone while he fixed it...yeah I am terrified of most men after 50% of the ones I come into contact with try to hit on me, but we both kept our distances and he did what he had to do and left. Mom gave them a nice tip since we were so happy they fixed it! it only cost like $80. The other man tried to get $1,000 out of us.

-School is okay, but I wish I was there longer...I have an 8am-9:20am class and mom sometimes has to work at 10-11 ish so right after class I am rushed home. Which means 0 time to see Heather,Mike,Justin and everyone else. I did hang out later a few days which is how I got my first "Silly Band". Veazy gave me a yellow one and later I got one from Brandon. I also got to chat with VA!! Class itself is pretty intresting, but like ugh..I gotta figure out what time this class starts...I know I get to school by at least 7:54 and I bee line to class so I should be just stepping in at 8. So far everytime I've arrived the class is already there starting class, so I look like the stupid straggler whos disturbing everyone. Then I have to take the chair no body wanted :< (which I can't really complain! because the people after me get no desk, but I hate being a straggler! it's a bad impression!!!!!)

-I've started two new cosplays! Rachel Alucard from the video game 'Blazblue' and Super Sailor Chibiusa from, of course, Sailormoon. Both of these costumes are super intimadating to me, but I broke down Rachel's into bits and now it's not so scary. Chibiusa was a huge debate because I wanted to do something in pink, but couldn't choose. I told myself whatever I dreamt about that night would be what I cosplay. Sure enought I dreamt about Chibiusa. The day after that dream I went to JoAnn's in Greensboro and got some of my fabric. I'm so excited! I've always used the same type of fabric so for Chibiusa I decided to do something different. The fabric for the back bow is light pink with tiny silver glittery dots <3 adorable! and everything was 50% off! The only thing that saddens me is that 3 of the things I went to Jo Anns for werent in stock :/.

I'm working on the choker to Chibiusa now...and I totally just overcooked the scuply clay..I haven't worked with scuply in years and I forgot it needs to be set to like 250? and my oven was set to like 350...hahahahahahahaha it's totally brown wtf..hopefully it doesn't break. It took me so long to make that heart perfect too! OTL

I guess that's it. My laptop is still dead, but I did some artwork on my brother's computer:

Also, Kuroshitsuji 2 is like my new Durarara!!! I'm so excited for next week's episode! this one broke my heart. Poor Sebastian TT w TT... OTL, but seriously I hate waiting for new episodes! odpdfhdkhgdfghfjdkjf!!!

How am I suppose to sleep now :/

Boyfriend finally got his package. DSREWY7RWEOISHFD It was really hard keeping it from him, but his response to it was so worth it, he was absolutely estastic.. but now he can't even enjoy it because currently hes dealing with the worst tooth ache ever :/. He has to wait til he can go overseas to see a doctor, but now I'm worried to death about him being alone for 24+ hours with this type of pain going on. I don't think he'll go in his condition, but if he doesn't go what is he going to do about the pain if that's the only doctor he can see :/.


If I already hadn't transferred all my money from paypal to my bank account, I'd so send some chewable pain reliever tablets his way :/

Get well soon baby D:

P.S. I hate eyelash glue, but I know I'm not going to have time in the morning to work on my make-up D: why couldn't I have late classes!!